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  • We are focusing on small local business SEO web design and SEO search marketing.
    We have done couple successful cases on small business marketing, contact us by writing us a email, we will send you the real case study to show you the real result.

  • A Good SEO WebPage is not just a nice looking design,
    but also bring conversions to your business goals.

  • Hi, We're Web Development
    & SEO Web Design Studio

  • We do targeted audience
    business analysis

  • We help you understand
    your business goal

  • We Conduct Initial Website
    Planning & Design

  • Developed With Usability
    & UI UX Design In Mind

  • Responsive Mobile
    Ready View Design

  • Conversion Content
    Creation Strategy

  • Build A Page To
    Match Buyer Persona

  • Show you how to build a page
    with viral marketing DNA

  • Build a traffic survey page to understand
    where your users coming from

  • In-page SEO
    Techniques & Report

  • Faster Page Speed Matters
    To Google Search

  • Website Testing
    Before Deployment

  • Follow-Up Maintenance
    & Marketing Services

  • Website Ongoing
    Traffic Report

  • Google Webmaster Tool
    & Analytics Tool Install

About Us

Who we are is a Web Development & SEO web design service company, in, we lay out the step by step plans of how a website should be done in 7 golden rules, Read more about it.

Our goal is mainly focused on helping local small business to succeed online. Some of our team members have been through the painful personal experience of running brick mortar business, so we understand the struggle and how difficult it is to manage a sustainable offline business. We know it is not enough by just having a nice decorated place, but a business should need a sounded content driven website and effective marketing tools to generate more revenues online.

Targeted Audience:

Local Small Business are our prioritize clients to work with, as we have mentioned above, we believed we understand how much you have been through with your business, and understand that it takes lots of effort, struggle both physically, mentally to run a small business. We hope we can devote our small piece of an effort to help you succeed in your business.

However, we are open to another area of clients too, we would extend our interest for any potential opportunity to serve and improve your business development.

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Our Google Certificates: Google Analytics certificate Google Adwords certificate

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The was created in winter time 2014, it was operated under the company called SEARCH BUZZ INC based in NYC. We are a fast-growing freelance company established by a group of young people either part-time or full-time schedules.

We have been doing website design and SEO marketing for couple years, so we figure starting a small company and build a web development site to help small businesses generate more leads and increase conversion rate online.

We also have developed a variety of comprehensive marketing tools, website review SEO tool that help you market a business online effectively. Please check Homepage to know more about our marketing tools.

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Build a User-Friendly better conversion website in 7 steps:

web development process
1) Business Purpose

Identify your business purpose. Ask yourself questions like does your purpose meet your customer need? how do you create your online content to fulfill that purpose?

For example, if your are selling educational products online such as software, so your business purpose is using your website to create content that would educate your potential user to understand how to use your products, how does your product could benefit their life, use other customers real user experience, compare your product with other similar products online, making a live video tutorial to guide your customer of how to use your product in reality.

2) Website Goals

After your know your business purpose, you should learn how to conduct a market research in your business niche or do a keyword research to help you understand your potential customer buying persona based by related keywords they type in search engines.

Learn everything about your customer buying persona, find out what are the content that are still missing in your business niche or by your competitors that your customers are eagerly looking for when making a decision to buy your products or services.

Your goals should create a friendly user experience website, write conversion content that your customer are looking for, when creating the content, always switch your mind to end user mind, get into their mind, try to understand what is their need, concern, then write the targeted content to guide them to the destination they are looking for.

3) Targeted Audience

You should study to understand your audience buying behaviors as much as possible, the basic way to do it is conducting a keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, find out the couple most conversion searched keywords that potential customers type in, think deeply about who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions. If you able to sort out most of those questions, then you should be in better position to write better conversion content to your targeted audience.

1) Sitemap

We will organize your content, and build different pages to allocate the content, then generate a sitemap for your website, the sitemap is a page where show the blueprint of your website, users can find your information easily from the sitemap pages.

We also submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools to index your pages with better visibility search results.

2) Website Wireframe Structure

We will design your webpage layout, and wireframe the webpage such as header area, logo position, slogan, slide shows, grid system, sidebars, content area, icon, Etc.

3) Visual Color Design

We will walk you through and guide you to choose your design color pattern that fit your business feeling, no more than 3 colors, as suggested to keep your pages look consistent.

4) Usability UI UX Design

We will apply basic UI UX design to your pages for your business branding and usability purpose. UX means User Experience that would help your customer easily using your site without a second thought.

5) Responsive Design

Today, it is a mobile world, so we will follow the trend, your website would come with responsive design, fluid layout grid system, which means the webpage layout would adapt easily view to different smaller devices including mobile.

1) Content Copywriting

Copywriting means fresh content that not copy from other websites or any online resources. you know your business better than us, so you should write your unique content about your business, we will help you to guide you through about what you should prepare after identifying your business goal. We would organized your content into different pages to fulfill as you requested.

If you don't have time to write or prepare your business content, then we would have help you write the content according to whatever material you provide us, we will try our best effort to write better copy content for your business, but since we don't know everything about your business, therefore the content might be lack in some ways.

We always think SEO in mind with targeted keywords when creating your site content, that means we will use the keywords we gather at the previous step to writing the content for your page.

2) Photos & Videos

Photos and videos show everything about your business, seeing to make people believing. so if you have lots of fresh quality photos or videos about your business, that would be a great content for your website to attract customers. if you don't have the videos, you should consider spending some budget making an animated cool business Intro to showcase your business. Animation video has its unique ways to catch online audience attention more than another medium if create it right.

3) Search Engine Optimization Techniques

For every webpages we created, we would apply basic SEO meta tags in the 'Head' area of the page, such as 'Title' , 'Description' , 'keywords' , 'Language' , 'Author' , 'Social media Og Property' , 'charset="utf-8"', 'Mobile Tag' .

1) Web Technology We Use

We use mainly most updated code Html5 and CSS, Javascript to design your webpages. Html5 generate your site content, CSS is the rules that control your webpages layout such as color, font size, background, element position, animation, Ect. Javascript code makes your webpages interactive when you move your mouse or click a button, but since Javascript sometimes could create code conflicts within different JS files, we would use minimal JS code when developing a site.

2) Database WebSite Development

We would also use PHP server-side script and Mysql database if your site needs a bit more dynamic interactive content to engage your users. for server side and database development of the large site, since it requires more works and skill, we suggested more discussions with our clients to understand more of the project and make further suggestions.

3) Page Speed Matters

The fact is Google value your pages speed matters more than ever, if your page speed is slow than average pages which are about 5 seconds waiting time, Google might think your page is not user experience compare to the faster pages from your competitors, so your competitors pages would show in higher search position than your page even if you page content quality is better than them.

Also from the user experience, if your pages speed is too slow, eventually would scare them off to leave your site. Because this day, everybody is busy, if they can't find what they are looking for, valuable information to help them, and you make they wait, they would leave your site without a second thought.

So when we design your site, we always have page speed in mind which means we don't install too much third party code in your pages that could slow down your page, we write less Javascript code, and put them at bottom of your page, because the JS code would slow down the page speed also. We would also cache your content so that browser would render your pages quicker.

1) Technical Testing

After the web development is done and ready to be public online, we would test your site to find if there any navigation, layout, code, or any usability issues that could get into the way of affecting the user experience when your users using the site. if there is any, we would fix those issues before publishing the site to be public.

2) Browser Compatibility

The fact is sometimes different Browser rendering content differently, so we would also testing on the major browser to check if there any rendering issues in most used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, And Mac Safari.

3) Rethink Of Content?

If the website testing process is going ok, our final thought is screening through the content again to check if any readability issues, does the site overall content really fulfill the end targeted user expectation? if there is an improvement, we would definitely optimized to rewrite content again to better tailor user expectation.

1) Monitoring & Maintenance

We will keep monitoring your site for a while like a month or so after your site is public online, if there are any issues with your site that from our development process, we would definitely fix the issue.

If you need the Extra Maintenance service from us after a month period of monitoring, we would definitely want to discuss with your about how we can help you to Maintain your site in the long run.

2) Website Traffic Report

We will Install both Google 'Webmaster Tools' & 'Analytics Tool' to your site with login ID & Password for you. We will also show you how to use both tools by conducting a short Google Tools Marketing Tanning. You will learn a lot more about your website date that link to your visitor behaviors in order to make a proper adjustment to your site in any time.

We also provide SEO marketing service to help you generate website report, using our SEO webmaster tools to understand your website better and get your online marketing work done easier.

We can help you audit SEO page Title, Links, and targeted keywords articles.

We can show you how to build a page with 'Viral Marketing DNA' techniques that people would love to share your site to their love one.

You can 'Contact US' if you have questions about how to use the SEO report tool or want us give you a hand to audit your page.

Our SEO Web Design skills





PHP & Database Development

SEO Viral Marketing

Local Business Visibility

E-commerce Design & Marketing

Web Development Features

How we do it

Start Design Brainstorming

We will start your page design thought process, gather information from you, understand your business goals, analyze your potential market buyer persona.

Minimalism Design

We will focus on Minimalism Webpage Design concept first, which means your users would find your site easy to navigate, well thought clean content layout, responsive fluid grid, guide your users through every click of the way when using your site to get what they want without guessing how to use it.

Usability Design

Test & understand how friendly your site is when users browsing your page layout, boring never updated content would not attract users from coming back to your site, keep your Domain Name short easy to remember.

Read More

Always think from a users point of view, are they able to find the content they want, what stop them from using your site, does the site has spell errors, code errors, grammar errors. We keep monitor your site and fix what is not working for better user experience.

Branding Design

We will design your business logo, UI graphics, business slogan, marketing message, business profile description in a consistent way to leverage your future Branding recognition marketing success.

Faster Page Speed

We will keep watching your page load speed, not to install extra external third party plugins which could eventually ruin your page speed, make sure your page speed always load fast to the benefit of user experience.

Responsive Mobile Design

We use Bootstrap responsive code to design webpage layout, to make sure your pages always fluid when users browse in a mobile device. We will also implement some techniques for easy form input data from user mobile device.

Persuasive Content Design

We will use brain psychology technique to design Persuasive content to guide, engage your customers buying your products or services in your site.

Viral Marketing Techniques

We will build some pages with viral marketing DNA that make your users would want to share your content to their loved ones.

In-Page SEO Marketing

We will implement overall SEO meta tag techniques in your homepage that would allow Google understand your page better to bring better search result.

Perspective Image Design

If you want to have an amazing 3D layer graphic to your website, you should consider using Perspective image design techniques to catch your users attention.

Flip Image Effect

Flip image effect is pretty cool if you want user interactive with your website images for a better user experience that entertain your users. See Flip Image Effect Example:

Overlay Text Over Image

Explain to your users what this image about when they hover to it, show double layers text and image design is pretty cool thing to add in your site.
See Overlay Text Over Image Example:

User Interface Design

Do you want your website user interface look flat, clean and consistency? We will utilize different UI code framework tools to design eye-catching good user experience pages according to your need.

Real Estate 360 3D Virtual Tour Technology

Imagine your customers can see your Real Estate or Business interior fixture by just a click of the mouse from their desktop computer or mobile phone, 360 Virtual Reality Panorama Image technology will help your customers walk through your business interior in any angles within reach of your mouse, this is called a true customer satisfaction service. Call For More Info?
See 360 3D Virtual Tour Outdoor Example 1:
See Real Estate 360 3D Virtual Tour Example 2:

Image 360 Spin Effect

If you are running an E-commerce site, you would want a better image solution that show you customer different product angles, we can help you spin the image in 360 directions.
See 360 Image Spin Example:

Website Virtual Spokesperson

Do you want your website stand out from your competitors? create a charming Virtual Spoke Woman who can broadcast your important business message to catch your audience's attention is a new marketing trend in 2015. Call For More Info?
See Website Virtual Spokesperson Example:

Free On-Going Consultation

We are happy to provide you free website marketing consultation within a month after we finish your web development project, after that, an extra charge may apply.

Basic Pricing Plan:

Brochure Design: $50

Logo Design: $50

StartUp Branding Design: $100

InfoGraphic Design: $100, See The Example Here:

Basic SEO web design site up to 10 pages: $300

Ecommerce Website: $500, or Custom Price if more product pages.

Larger Website? Lots of Information? Call For Custom Price!

We do SEO search marketing or setup a sales funnel based for your business goals, Call For Custom Price!

We use PayPal for our online payment.

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How To Reach Us

If you are interested in any of the design works we share here, want to know more information, you can call us for further discussion for possible a custom quote. We will show you the step by step guide of how to get your site done and what information you need to prepare.