Niche marketing strategies

You don't want to have a knowledge of SEO to market a niche. This boards discusses the where and how to find relevant niche websites and its visitors
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Niche marketing strategies

Post by kevinmax » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:35 am

Before start with niche marketing, just understand what your targeted audiences really want from you. Listen, Really listen!

1. Answer your customers queries with your content
2. PPC advertisement helps to reach the set of customers with same interest - Google ad-words and Facebook advertising
3. Keep an eye on your competitors - Do what they do - Not everything
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Re: Niche marketing strategies

Post by buzz » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:54 pm

1. Do your market research
You should know what you really going to do and understand your niche audience really well, those people that really need your content to solve their problems, improve their well-being, or save their time on work. They should be willing to pay for the services you provide, if your business is not there to make money at first, it is hard for you to survive later on.

2. How do you define your niche market?



For example: if you are selling women lingerie, there are many competitions in the market, you have to find a way narrow down your business model to find a specific smaller niche audience to escape away from the massive competitions in the market.

Women lingerie -> plus size women lingerie -> lace lingerie -> hight quality -> tailor to business class, etc.

Keep narrow down your market segmentation to find the sweet spot where still has the demand for it is the key when conducting the market research.

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