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Let The New Releases Press Release Services Helping You To Boost Your Product Brand Name Awareness & Increase the Trust Of Your Targeted Audience.

What is press release? -- A Press Release or New Releases is a written communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. They are in the marketing form of mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors and journalists at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, online media, television stations or television networks.

1) First you’ll need your company Title, then your Logo, a Youtube video link, your company’s About Paragraphs, up to 5 links allowed, a large marketing banner, and finally your company contact information at the bottom.

2) When you write an article, your title is the most important factor when people search online to find your news article. You should conduct a complete keyword research to find the best keywords for your business niche and use those keywords in your title.

3) About Paragraphs: Write compelling content that describes your company, what products or services your company sells, and explains why people should buy from you.

Your company story should be compelling and touch people’s hearts; it should make them feel like they need to check out your company and find out more about what your company has to offer by visiting your site.

News Article Basic Guidelines:

Only 1 phone number should be allowed in the contact information section, the contact information should be about 40 words.

We can Only guarantee the video will be in the article, but on which position of the article, it is not in our hands to decide.

The main focus of this PR article should be about your products or services information.

The article should be written in third party tone and not sales copy oriented.

Preview Press Release Template Format Example File Here

How to write a press release template format tutorial snapshot below:

press release format example

1) We start talking to clients, answer your questions and show you the necessary guidelines to create an accepted article of press release template. In fact, most of the information is already available on this page.

2) Either the client writes an article and presents it to us, or we write an article and present it to the client. After both sides have approved the article, then the article is finally ready to be published online. (Please read the FAQ section for more instructions on how to prepare an accepted article.)

3) After about 72 hours, we will email you the PR report. This report will show you the necessary marketing information and show you the final complete marketing result.

4) Finally, we will answer any questions you may have regarding this report. (Please read the FAQ Section 4 for more information of how to read the report.)

press branding  1) Increase your product Brand Name Awareness & Trust of the online audience through premium press sites.

press traffic  2) Increase your company's website potential traffic online.

press backlink watch  3) Increase your website backlinks which your site URL will be found on other sites.

Google index pages  4) Increase your website Google pages search index.

SEO keywords in title  5) Research & find the best targeted keywords in your business niche to the Article Title which will increase the search visibility on Google.

alexa site ranking  6) Increase your website Alexa Global Ranking Position, check like this:

social media exposure  7) Increase your news on social media sites exposure.

link tracking  8) Track the performance of your marketing clicks by using tools like Shorten URL and Google Analytics.

talk to prospects  9) Use all information in this marketing campaign to leverage your marketing effort and trust when talking to your potential business clients.

as seen on press  10) Use major news site logo to make a Press Banner on your Homepage like 'As Seen As On Press' to boost your company trust of the online audience.

massive news submissions  11) We send your news to up to 500 hundreds of premium news sites including the FOX NEWS, NBC NEWS, SILICONVALLEY.COM and the WALLSTREET.COM as well as local news outlets across the USA.

press go viral  12) Go Viral! Your news article will have a high chance of going viral when your targeted audience reads your company’s compelling story and decides to share your news link on their social media profiles.

press conversion  13) Massive press release submissions mean increased exposure, increased changes to go viral and more traffic to your site, eventually bringing more conversion sales to your business.

smart AD  14) A Small Investment With Huge Potential - compare your budget to traditional newspaper advertising. It’s still cheaper and worth the investment.

pay per click  15) No Add On Costs - when you pay for this press release service, that's the final one- time cost. You don't need to budget for pay-per-click fees that you find using advertising with Google search results.

PDF report  16) Instantly see your final PDF file report. You’ll see how many people read your news, how many clicks to your site, how many news indexes are picked up by major news sites, how many Google pages search index, etc.

'As Seen AS In The Press' Company HomePage examples:


as seen as on press example

entertainment client  - Entertainment

charity client  - Charity & Non-Profits

publisher client  - Book Authors & Publishers

ecommerce client  - Online E-Commerce

wholesale client  - Wholesale

local client  - Local Business

real estate client  - Real Estate

restaurant client  - Restaurants

IT client  - IT & Technology

startup client  - Startup Company

travel client  - Travel Tourism

Normally, you will receive about 500 Press Release submissions including Facebook & Twitter pages marketing. But please understand that the submission volume might be a slightly different from time to time.
In the PDF report, you’ll find all the news website logos with live links that you can click to see your PR articles. In the beginning section, you can click the button to check for 'Google Indexed Pages Results' & 'Google News Pages Results'.

In the Excel file, you will see all your articles live links to check your live articles on the news sites.
Yes, your company contact information will be placed at the end of the article.
A maximum of 5 links is allowed.
Generally speaking, 500 words per article would be good, but you can add a little bit more and we will need to review it.
Well, it depends on each News website article layout format and page layout is not in our control. But we would say most of the article formats would be same and well formatted.
Yes, you may do that if you want to, we have a tool here for you to do that. Go to, just register an user account on the Homepage and login to use the URL track tool. If you don't know how to do it, we can do the job for you.

If people click your tracked URL links, you will be able to see the click counts in your login admin area., go to this tool, input your domain URL, select the 1000 backlinks result option, check for your Article 'TITLE' on the right side and your news company on the left side to find out if there are any links back to your site.

How to check the backlink watch report snapshot below:

check your press release backlink watch report

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