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Understand that SEO marketing in and out of your site is a critical component to your online marketing success. If you have done it right with certain SEO techniques according to Google Panda rules, it can help expose your business on search engines and rank high in final search result pages. You will also get quality backlinks from relevant sites that drive targeted customers to your pages, and then turn those potential customers into sales.

Our SEO Services walk through both internal and external marketing pages for your business. We will fix whatever is missing regarding SEO syntax on your pages, rewrite your messy internal page links, or by adding a lot of unique content for your business that targeted to what your customers want. We will also submit your page links to related sites, blogs & forums to generate more backlinks for your site, which will eventually generate more traffic, raising your site’s Google page rank score(1-10).

If you are happy with what we provide here, or are interested in buying one of the SEO service packages from the three pricing tables below, we will send you a file that contains a brief message of what we need from you, such as Website Admin Login, FTP Login, necessary business information to start. Please prepare the information that we need to speed up our work process, otherwise the work could be delayed.

We develop three basic SEO service packages for your business marketing needs in the Pricing Table below.

accordion-arrow Pricing Column First: IN-PAGE SEO AUDIT $299 - One Time Payment

IN-PAGE SEO AUDIT for $299 is only a one-time payment fee. This plan includes the addition of the services listed in the first column; these services will be added to your pages. We’ll show you where to check the SEO report to see if all services have been added it or not. If you find some of the services are not added to your pages, you can always contact us to add the missing services again.

Our turn-around time for this service is five working days, which means we can finish the work in a week. If you are not happy with this service, the refund time is 14 days. But before you ask for a refund, please always let us know what is missing in this service package, so we can quickly fix the issues for you.

accordion-arrow Pricing Column Second: BACKLINKS BUILDING STRATEGY - Call US (718)775-8252

We will create those Backlink Building services (listed in the second column) to your website. We’ll also show you the Backlink Building report to see if all of the services have been created or not. If you find out some of the services have not created, you can always contact us to add the missing services again.

Our turn-around time for this service is ten working days, which means we can finish this work in two weeks. The price is non-refundable since the work load is quite a few. After we make the price deal with you, we will start the work process. When we finish the work, we’ll send you the SEO service report to check. If you’re satisfied with the SEO services we have provided you, then you’ll pay for the price. If you are not happy with the service during our work period, please always let us know what is missing in the service package, so we can fix the missing part for you.

accordion-arrow Pricing Column Third: CONTENT CREATION STRATEGY - Call US (718)775-8252

We’ll write all the fresh content (listed in the third column services) to your pages. We’ll also show you the SEO report to check if all of the services have been added or not. If you find some of the writing Content & Submission services were not added to your pages, you can always contact us to add the missing services again.

This is a month-by-month service plan. Please call us to learn about additional pricing and refund information. If the deal is made, we will start working on your site to create more viral content for you. You can cancel the service at any time if you aren’t happy with the service.

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FeaturesCompare SEO Services package

  • Keywords Research
  • Backlinks Building
  • Descriptions Rewrite
  • Internal Links Rewrite
  • Webpage Title Rewrite
  • Social Bookmarks Profile
  • Unique Content Writing
  • Business Articles Writing
  • Google Analytics Tool Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Local Directory Submissions
  • Robots.txt Creation & Submission
  • Sitemap.xml Creation & Submission
  • Articles Written & Submission
  • Comprehensive Site SEO & Usability Report

Creation Strategy

Call US (718)775-8252

  • Keywords Research We will conduct a comprehensive keyword research on your site and carefully select the most targeted keywords for your business audience for content creation or to rewrite keywords purpose.
  • Unique Content Writing We will research your business, learning to understand your audience’s buying persona or search behaviors related to your business, and then write creative content accordingly.
  • Internal Links Rewrite We will rewrite some of your messy symbol combined internal links with targeted keywords for better search results.
  • Business Articles Writing & Submission We will write keyword targeted creative business articles, and then submit them to major business article sites to generate more backlinks.
  • FAQ Pages Content Creation We will sit down and discuss with you to learn about possibly missing content that your customers searching for, and build a stunning FAQs page for your business to answer the questions your customers would need to get answered.
  • Blog Article Content Creation We will build a Blog, write blog articles, and keep your blog updated.
  • Business Profile Content Creation We will write a comprehensive business profile for your business branding need such as Domain name, logo design, marketing banner image, your business slogan, a Brief business description, about us page, etc.
  • Product Page Description Content Creation We will write informative product information in your most important product pages.

Want a Free trial IN-PAGE SEO AUDIT service Or any marketing advices that help bring traffic to your site? We can start the work first, then you will pay according to the result if you like it.

call us emoji animation Call us to discuss the endless possibility to find out what we can help you.(718)775-8252.

 SEO Customer Reviews

metric buzz seo customer reviews company staff has been helping us to develop the Auricular Medicine Therapy site, implement basic SEO techniques on our site, and has submit to both medical and local directories. This will help us to receive more referral exposure from potential targeted clients. Thanks a lot for the SEO services that Staff provides.

metric buzz seo customer miracle acupuncture reviews

I run an eastern medicine clinic in Bayside, New York City, The company staff have been able to help me build a pretty nice content rich Eastern Acupuncture site without too much to bother me. They’ve also helped to boost my business local searches really effectively. Now if I search keywords like "acupuncture in queens," "acupuncture in flushing," or "acupuncture in Bayside," I know I’ll always find my pages in first pages of a Google search.