Website User Mouse Tracking Tool Guide

  • Real time user mouse movements click tracking with sound.

  • Show user click tracking movements Heatmap for you.

  • Generate user mouse scroll attention map.

  • Record all user mouse tracking clicks & movements, play back the record clips for you.

  • Easy to navigation User Interface design.

  • Very easy to install, just embed two lines of code into your Homepage, then contact us to activate your tool.

  • We are working on Mobile screen, now it is not perfect, but you can see most of the content in your mobile device.

  • Anytime customer support, ask us anything for related questions?

Use Demo ID: 'testdrive' , Password: 'testdrive'

login to see how the Click Tracking Tool Work?

Login Page Here

Copy and paste below 2 files into your Homepage right before the </head> tag (please do a search to find the </head> tag), please make sure paste both files into your Homepage, if you already have the 'jquery.min.js' embedded in your page, then you only need to add the second file which is 'tracker.js'.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

How To Embed Code Example:


<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>


After that, use below 'Contact Us for help' form to tell us you have embedded the code, please also tell us your homepage URL where above 2 files are embedded, so we can activate the tracking features for you, then we will send you the login ID and Password.

If you still have the installation problems, please Contact Us, give us your website admin access, we only need the Homepage access, so we can install the code for you.

You can Login Here

1) Make sure you delete your browser cache before Login if the login page not accessible, it is also good for multi-user setup conflicts.

2) In the Admin area, Adjust the 'Window width:' at the right corner if it does not fit your current screen width, the default setting 'Any' should be fit to any screen width.

3) You are on the free version, so you can't change the password after you login.

4) Contact Us if you have any other question at below form?

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